• AI-powerd market intel
  • Market performance predictions
  • Streamline RFP process
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Full transparency
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The first ever self-service platform providing tools and knowledge to obtain the most cost effective negotiations.

Business Intelligence

The only platform that combines search, RFP creation and data intelligence in the same product.

We provide market insight including hotel rate trends, ADR and Occupancy forecasting, city news and events, economy drivers and hotel reviews, all in one source.

  • Volume of Data: Access to data from millions of guest reviews.
  • Pricing Forecast: predicting market performance with high levels of accuracy.
  • Hotel Similarities: Using the individual scores as a baseline, Vindow is able to detect similarities between hotels which are many times missed by humans, improving the hotel selection process.
  • Unique Data Intelligence: Vindow uses AI techniques such as sentiment analysis, topic extraction, natural language processing, etc.
  • Vindow Parameter Scoring: We have created a unique industry score by processing and categorizing of millions of reviews. Vindow uses 10 categories to rank hotels to which we have applied industry preferences allowing the users to review hotels based on relevant reviews.

Market knowledge is power - better negotiations come from understanding hospitality industry drivers.

Communication and tracking capability.

  • Vindow offers standard and customized reports. Through your dashboard, you can have a high level, quick glance or summary view of RFP’s that are being worked on. The contract management dashboard allows you to manage your contractual needs by helping identify, investigate and resolve cost-savings or risk opportunities.
  • The software provides a centralized, searchable repository with integrated workflows, email alerts, PDF contract generation, and reports that address even the most sophisticated approval processes. Speed up negotiations with automated notifications such as expiration notices that alert you of required actions. Collaborate with your whole team with unlimited users.

Versatile RFP management

  • We provide an online marketplace that unites hotel buyers with hotels and chains to efficiently solicit, negotiate, finalize and audit their hotel programs. We provide tools to simplify the process and help users gain visibility into their hotel costs in order to negotiate the most competitive rates.
  • Vindow RFP-AI and Machine Learning platform has a powerful knowledge base used to build customizable requests for proposals. The Answer Library provides a hub for Q&A pairs, communication and is enhanced by an intelligent recommendation engine. We streamline the RPF process in order to receive complete bids faster and immediately know if the supplier is the right one for you.

Hotel Online Reputation Management

The platform captures reviews from countless sources, analyzes them and presents all insights in a very comprehensive, user-friendly online tool. Vindow allows hotels to track their reputation using a number of relevant parameters and dive into individual reviews to identify problems and propose solutions.


  • Comparison analysis: Compare your hotel against specific competitive hotels using parameters such as the VinDow scores, lists of amenities, review metrics and more.
  • Track review metrics for groups of hotels you are interested on monitoring.
  • Visualize the performance of your hotels as part of larger group of competitive hotels.

Powerful Analytics

  • An alert driven software that provides notifications throughout the entire procurement process using simplified analytics, workflows, reporting, and scorecards that are easy to use and easy to share. RFP analysis made easy by allowing users to compare suppliers, compare answers and measure hotel attributes.
  • Vindow delivers qualitative analysis as well as quantitative analytics, which presents the user with a comprehensive data for better negotiations. Everyone across the organization has access to this information in real time. Decisions are made with full transparency based on facts and not based on users preferences.

Experts' Village

  • Vindow serves as a global portal for hospitality leaders and industry insights. In addition to providing up-to-the-minute news, we also feature profiles of some of the industry’s key people and businesses, information on the latest products, trends, and advice from industry experts.
  • Our portal provides a space for hotels to deliver a marketing message, raise brand awareness and promote their properties and amenities.

Trusted Hotel Data Base

  • Vindow’s hotel database provides users the ability to compare a significant number of suppliers to find the best accommodation pricing, availability, and content in real time. We source the world so you don’t have to.
  • We match different data sets from multiple suppliers down to the hotel-level starting from the city and airport, then narrowing down to neighborhood and qualifying hotels.

Vindow Provides Multiple benefits for your team:

Business intelligence.

Industry experts forum with up-to-date information and trends in the industry.

Full transparency.

Versatil and functional RFP process.

Historical data for research and trending.

Detailed supplier analysis based on what matters the most to you.

Intuitive user interface.

Capture, all online reviews, and social media mentions into a single, integrated view to maximizing the guest experience.

The only platforms that combines search, RFP creation and data intelligence in the same product.

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